SingTel in Talks with Digital Utilities Ventures To Integrate New Last Mile into Expansion Drive

Asian Giant Sees Technology as Answer to Challenge of Surging Content

Miami, FL – July 27, 2009

Digital Utilities Ventures, Inc (Symbol: DUTV), an innovator in over the IP video transport systems with its breakthrough New Last Mile Platform, announced today that it is in discussions with SingTel, Asia's leading communications group, to integrate it’s technology into the Company’s infrastructure expansion drive. A key issue is growth in content. SingTel sees Digital Utilities Ventures’ (DUTV) New Last Mile Platform with its unique compression system as an answer to this challenge.

The Coming Content Tsunami - IDC estimates that 161 Exabyte’s of digital content was created and copied in 2006; in 2010, that number could grow as high as 988 Exabyte’s (an Exabyte is one thousand petabytes; each petabyte is one thousand terabytes, each terabyte is 1000 gigabytes. With this explosive growth, telecoms will be forced to upgrade the Last Mile, the most expensive part of their networks to keep pace.

The New Last Mile uses an Internet based platform to deliver its TV programming. This means that DUTV can deliver live programming of broadcast quality from anywhere in the world over the Internet directly:

  • To TV sets without the aid of computers (IP ready) by simply piggybacking on existing broadband connections
  • To cell phones worldwide via WIFI, Mobile Telephone Switching Office (MTSO) 3G networks, and the emerging next generation 4G WIMAX.

In effect, creating the first global “Virtual Cable Television Network™”.

“We have a solution that reduces the amount of bandwidth needed for viewing videos without many tens of billions of dollars worth of new fiber-optic networks," said Garry McHenry, President of Digital Utilities Ventures (DUTV). “Our New Last Mile Platform deploys a unique patent-pending compression system that delivers programs to the Television audience and Cell Phone subscriber using under 1 megabit of the Internet as the backbone to the television set and 150 kilobits to the cell phone.” “This allows for high resolution programming regardless of screen size to be transported to both TV and Cell Phone screens.” “Equally important, this compression component of the New Last Mile is also an add on to existing networks to maximize the current bandwidth they have.”

About SingTel - Asia's leading communications group with operations and investments in more than 20 countries and territories around the world and a combined mobile subscriber base of 249.4 million customers from its own operations and regional associates as of March 2009. SingTel's highly developed international network provides direct connections from Singapore to more than 100 countries. It is a major investor in many of the world's most sophisticated submarine cable and satellite systems. The Group is also the second largest satellite operator in the Asia Pacific. Website:

About Digital Utilities Ventures, Inc – Digital Utilities is an intellectual property company and advanced technology incubator incorporated in the State of Delaware in June 2006. The Company was formed to manufacture and market its innovative, Internet to TV and Cell Phone Communications System for the domestic and international Quad-Play/Convergence services industries. The Company went public on March 26, 2009.

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